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NP Preceptorship Will Soon Offer the Following Clinical Rotations:

Family Medicine
A rotation in family medicine will allow you to put the classroom knowledge you gained during your first two years as a medical student to use. Family medicine is ideal for doctors who value primary care and want to treat patients of all ages for a wide range of ailments and diseases. Family medicine physicians are responsible for implementing preventive care measures by holistically assisting their patients in navigating the care they require.
Adult Care
Adult primary care is fundamentally different from working in an inpatient setting, and it is critical to understand the distinctions. When it comes to primary care, developing a relationship with your patient is critical, and approaches to problems differ. Our preceptors will advise you on the best adult patient care practices and strategies.

Geriatric Medicine
Geriatric medicine has special requirements, and most physicians today lack the necessary training to care for the frail elderly patient. Such patients frequently have conditions that limit their independence and jeopardize their ability to function in daily life. Shenandoah Medical Center practitioners will work with you to become aware of the full range of issues affecting this population and to learn some of the techniques for best caring for them.
Women's Health
The Women's Health rotation with Shenandoah Medical Center preceptors will give you the opportunity to learn about the prevention, evaluation, and management of conditions specific to women of all ages. You will become acquainted with a subset of issues related to the care of female patients, such as nutrition, endocrinology, psychiatry, and general internal medicine.

Our Process is Simple.
1. Submit an inquiry with your basic demographic information, desired start date, and number of clinical hours needed
2. Once approved by the practice, submit Application, Financial agreement, and HIPAA/Confidentiality agreement with registration fee
3. Practice submits any required paperwork the practitioner needs to complete and send to program director
4. Once our office has been approved by the student's program, an in-person or virtual meeting is set with the practitioner to discuss expectations and tour the facility
5. Student begins and completes clinical hours
6. Program evaluations completed and submitted to director(s)
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